A message from the StuCo!

Hello La Chat,

Welcome back! We hope the summer treated you well and that you are ready for the school year ahead. As a council, we would like to thank you for putting your faith in us. We hope that we can bring about the positive changes needed.

Gif: Happy Kanye #Rare
Gif: Happy Kanye #Rare

Whether you are eager to finally see your friends again, or dread the fact you are returning to regular school life, there is one thing we secondary school students have in common. The new school year presents us with new challenges, opportunities, and experiences. Year 7s, welcome to the secondary school. To the Year 8s, we hope you have fun on your first field week. Welcome to BDN Year 9s! Year 10s, we hope you enjoy your first year in the IGCSE program. To the Year 11s, good luck with the second year IGCSE challenges that lie ahead. Fellow Year 12s; IB here we go. Finally, to the students in Year 13, we wish you nothing but the best with college applications and your final examinations.

So La Chat, don’t just go through everyday school life nonchalantly. Take the chance to grow through it. Work diligently, party in moderation, and enjoy what our school has to offer. Wishing you the best of luck for this coming year!

Yours truly,
2015-2016 La Châtaigneraie Student Council

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