The Best #PIGGATE Memes (PG-13)

Photo: Buzzfeed

Disclaimer: Definitely PG-13. We’d go as far as saying that bestial necrophilia is best left NSFW.

Yesterday morning, British media was set abuzz. As a student at Oxford University, Prime Minister David Cameron allegedly inserted his “non parliamentary” member, if you will, into the mouth of a dead pig. These salacious revelations come from Lord Ashcroft’s unofficial biography of Cameron (Call Me Dave): while formerly the largest Conservative Party donor, he has notoriously been in a feud with the PM since 2010. While the veracity of these claims is still in dispute (could he be telling porkie pies?), it has proven as yet to be great meme fodder for a public exhausted by the brutal welfare cuts and harsh austerity being doled out by politicians born into extreme privilege. The scandal is principally known as #piggate and the rather more clever #baeofpigs. Here is a roundup of our personal faves.

P.S. Getting Piggy With It by the ever-brilliant @Cassetteboy

First comes the creatively named @CameronPig on twitter (who at time of writing has ammassed 13.8k followers in less than a day! jealous)

@CameronPig on twitter: (at time of writing has ammassed 13.8k followers in less than a day)

The ‘netflix and chill’ references were everywhere, predictably.
FullSizeRender 2

FullSizeRender 4As well as a scary number of children’s cartoons …


FullSizeRender 2

An antidode to David Cameron's viral (ridiculous) anti-Corbyn tweet
A reference to David Cameron’s viral  (and ridiculous) anti-Corbyn tweet

and to Cameron’s cuts to the welfare state…
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The brilliant Russian Embassy’s social media team was, as always, on point 

There were, of course a lot of bacon references…Ed Milibae and his sandwich is still the gift that keeps on givingFullSizeRender 5

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In cinemas near you…

On a more serious note, Call Me Dave reveals that Cameron was well aware of Ashcroft’s non-dom tax status.

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