Germaine Greer: on anti-feminists, transgender and how equality feminism is not enough

Yesterday, The Update had the privilege of interviewing renowned feminist and social activist, Germaine Greer. In her first interview on camera since Newsnight, Ms Greer discussed a variety of topics with us, clarifying her controversial views on the trans community and whittling feminism down to its core values.

Australian icon of the second-wave feminist movement and author of famed novel “The Female Eunuch”, Germaine Greer, visited and gave a talk at La Chataigneraie on the 30th November. She spoke to a packed room for almost an hour, addressing the new generation on what feminism entails outside of our Euro-centric minds. Germaine brought contentious topics such as intersex-phobia and embryonic gender selection to the discussion table.

Germaine Greer speaking in the Aula. Photo: Joe Cook

Identifying as a liberation feminist, Greer answered questions expressing her views on the importance, or lack of, naming a movement, the difficulties and pressures of boyhood, anti-feminism, how womanhood is devoid of leisure, society’s attachment to gender roles and her views on the transgender community.

Greer is currently managing her “rainforest rescue”, dedicating herself to the conservation of her 60 acres of land in south-east Queensland from her home in England.

La Chataigneraie was very lucky to have been subject to Greer’s strong voice. Disregarding the controversy that has recently erupted in the media surrounding her views on the trans community, Ms Greer has achieved a lot for cisgender women and for this we are grateful.

Text: Imogen Parry

A film by Joe Cook

Interviewers: Ruhamah Weil and Imogen Parry

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