La Chat Meets iTunes


Listen up everyone, times are changing. Are you ready?

Introducing a new form of student journalism: The Comment. A regular podcast on iTunes that you can download onto your phone, laptop, or tablet. Topics will range from the arts to social commentary to politics to food and music, and, of course, education.

Here are some of the upcoming episodes: a mellifluous snippet where classical music meets pop in an interview with Sarah Pagin, an opera singer based in Geneva; a soundscape of my experience at the Student League of Nations; a longer, more in-depth interview with some of the people running the simulation at the UN. I also have stashed away in my podcast vault a *juicy* interview with a lovely women named Judy–want to know everything about clean, healthy juicing? Subscribe to The Comment!

New podcasts will be at your fingertips every couple weeks, so head to the iTunes store now, subscribe to the podcast feed, stay plugged in, and keep refreshing “The Comment”.

See you soon,

Nina Hopley, Producer

The Comment