Foodie Masters: Taste Tartines & Co’s Hamburgers!

Hi there, welcome back to our food blog!

This week, we decided to try a diverse restaurant which offers baked goods, homemade juices, and a variety of extravagant milkshakes, burgers, salads and sandwiches. Tartines & Co is a restaurant that caters for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, outsourcing all their ingredients and products from local swiss farmers. During these hard times, this element really helps other businesses stay afloat. Since Tartines & Co is placed in a rather inconvenient location, right off of the Nyon exit from the highway, it is good to bear in mind that they offer delivery services on if need be. 

Madeleine – “Tartines & Co holds a close part of my heart as I have very fond memories of grabbing a drink after playing rounds of ping pong with my family, or tasting their burger for the first time when I was “supposed” to be sick on the day when the restaurant first popped up. It is a casual place to dine or to even just to grab a coffee which I hope to shine a light on for possible new customers.”

Antonia – “I chose to order the bacon-cheese-burger, which comes with fresh buns, fresh ground steak, gruyère, 3 strips of bacon, caramelized onions, salad, tomatoes, the Tartines & Co. sauce, and fries from the Vaud region. I rated the hamburger a 9 out of 10. The sauce was very flavorful yet there wasn’t too much of it so that the ingredients would drip everywhere – this convenient aspect definitely boosted the rating up by a few points! The one thing I had to add was a little bit of salt, however, this can be a personal preference. The burger patty itself was well-cooked (although in my opinion it could have been slightly more juicy) and was accompanied by a mouthful of delicious ingredients, snuggly positioned between the two wood fired buns. Overall, a big thumbs up from me!”

Amelie – “I ordered a regular hamburger accompanied with home fries. In my opinion, the burger bun was definitely the star of the show! The buns are homemade in a wood-fire oven and tasted delicious. The burger patty was charred which I really liked, however, this can be a personal taste. Likewise, I felt that the fries lacked a bit of seasoning. Overall, I thought the burger was extremely tasty and enjoyable although a bit pricey! I have decided to rate it a 9/10! On an unrelated note, I one hundred percent recommend trying Tartines & Co’s cookie too! It is honestly one of my fave cookies ever and a great snack or dessert ;)”

Madeleine – “Like Antonia, I decided to have the bacon and cheese burger as it has all the components I look for when taking a bite. Burgers are one of my favorite food dishes to eat, therefore, I do not take it lightly when rating this meal. In my opinion, this is one of the juiciest patties to be wrapped around by a golden, toasted poppy seed bun, that I have ever tasted. The bacon is crispy enough to satisfy the crunch factor needed and it also has the right amount of sauce in order to not overpower the fresh tomatoes and salad contained inside. I give this burger a 9 out of 10, because the accompanying fries were neither too crunchy or salty for my liking. Overall, Tartines & Co. burger still remains to be overflowing with rich textures and flavors that should be tasted by many.”

Although at a first glance meals appear to be on the slightly expensive side, prices are justified since there is a range of items on the menu, all of them made with local, fresh, bio ingredients. We highly recommend trying out Tartines & Co’s famous hamburgers, ‘100% Fresh and Tasty’, that definitely live up to their name (as well as any of the other delicious items on the menu)! 

Route de Signy 39 – 1260 Nyon 

022 361 18 67

-Madeleine, Amelie, and Antonia 

Cover image and logo: 

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