The Runway 2021!

Hello everyone, 

We are the Runway committee and we have been tirelessly working on an incredible project which is now ready for everyone to see! 

Here is our video and our Virtual Magazine both showcased in the new Runway format for 2021. Due to the Covid19 pandemic the normal Runway event was not possible and we have had to think adaptively. 

Ultimately, we have produced  an amazing piece of work showcasing students from years seven to twelve and the local shops in this area. This has been 6 months in the making and we are so thrilled to be able to show you the final project.  

In addition to our project, we aim to raise money for an important cause. We hope that students and families in our international community, and beyond, will want to support this.

On April 24th in 2013,  an 8-storey garment factory complex collapsed, killing 1,134 people. Despite this tragic event causing global outrage, 8 years have passed and people are still losing their lives and working in unsafe conditions to make the clothes we all wear. Over the past two months, over 40 garment workers have died in the Middle East and North Africa alone. 

As a team, we are working to raise money for the Fashion Revolution, a not-for-profit organisation  that works to re-shape the fashion industry and make it a safer place. With your donations, Fashion Revolution can continue to: pursue investigative research to change practices in the industry, improve working conditions, and safeguard workers’ safety, wages and rights. 

Please donate to our cause to help ensure a safer fashion industry and a cleaner planet. 

Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy both the video and magazine:)


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