Current Staff

The Update is made possible only by the voluntary work of students! We thank everyone who has contributed over the years.

Current Staff:

Nina Hopley, Y12 – Editor and Interviews
Rebecca Lally, Y12 – Editor, Head of Interviews, and Media Team
Jordan Poon, Y12 – Editor and Head of Media
Lorcan Rees, Y12 – Editor
Ali Shah, Y13 – Editor and Media Team

Hazel Fricska, Y12 – Staff Writer and Interviews
Diya Launay, Y12 – Media Team
Nico Barreiro, Y12 – Media Team
Timothy Jackson, Y12 – Media Team
Liam Lund, Y12 – Media Team

Saoirse Boyle, Y12 – Staff Writer and Photographer
Constantino De la Vega, Y12 – Staff Writer
Rebecca LeMoult, Y9 – Staff Writer
Sage Grove, Y12 – Staff Writer
Zoe Colsenet, Y12 – Staff Writer
Celeste Castleberry, Y12 – Staff Writer and Photographer
Maxine Rechter, Y12 – Staff Writer

Staff 2017-2018:

Ali Shah, Y12 – Editor, Head of Interviews and Media
Laura Ferguson, Y12 – Editor
Damon de Cardoso, Y12 – Editor
Alice Woods, Y12 – Editor

Sofia Mareque, Y12 – Interviews
Rebecca Lally, Y11 – Interviews
Sam Ashworth, Y12 – Media
Jacobo Zunzunegui, Y12 – Media
Sophie Jones, Y12 – Media
Luc Bessuges, Y12 – Media
Remo de Angelis, Y12 – Media
Jordan Poon, Y11 – Media
Nico Barreiro, Y11 – Media
Diya Launay, Y11 – Media
Liam Lund, Y11 – Media
Timothy Jackson, Y11 – Media

Lorcan Rees, Y11 – Copy Editor
Nina Hopley, Y11 – Copy Editor and Interviews
Conor Rainsby, Y12 – Copy Editor
Blaine Lissner, Y12 – Copy Editor
Lucas Wilson, Y12 – Copy Editor
Cressida Harbottle, Y12 – Copy Editor