Lily: Your Friendly Stalker Drone

Everyone! Bask in the glory of the LILY drone!! or don’t, because it does have its share of flaws, still though, the LILY drone is the newest upcoming technology for filming professionally, or just for kicks. This top-tier cutting edge drone does has many flaws which I’ll go over, but if I had the cash I would still buy this nifty little guy, and here’s why:

How it works: The LILY drone system requires you to carry a small disc (6cm long, weighs 75 grams) which allows you to control the drone, but also works as a tracking device for the drone to follow. Aside from that, the drone can also be controlled by your phone, or with hand gestures which can command the drone to take certain shots. Now this is the part I found particularly awesome, to activate the drone, you throw it into the air! This drone is very convenient in the sense that it allows you to make very professional and great films by yourself without being one of those Red bull superstar athletes, however it still has numerous downfalls…lilymethod

Comparing to the GoPro: GoPro is likely to be LILYs biggest competitor, already being renowned as the go-to camera for personal filming, especially for sporting activities. More disadvantages LILY has in comparison to GoPro include:

Disadvantages of LILY 😦

  1. It’s DOUBLE the price of the latest GoPro, the HERO 4. If you preorder it before February 2016 you can get it for ‘just $499’, but after that it’ll be $999.
  2. The FPS is certainly adequate for making beast films, however the GoPro filming at 1080p (LILYs HIGHEST resolution) is 120fps, double that of LILYs 60fps…which bring me to my next problem
  3. The resolution. GoPros current highest quality is 4k pixels filming at 30fps.  That’s almost FOUR TIMES better than LILY’s best, and at only half the fps (and only half the price)
  4. Now the biggest drawback…only 20 minutes of flight time, which requires 2 hours of charging time!! I was so disappointed to read this that I actually had to check multiple times to be sulilybatteryre that it was really that bad. In fact, here’s proof that it is so bad, directly from the official LILY webpage 😥


  1. It’s evident that the specs and availability are superior on the GoPro, however this drone system allows for the public to make an entirely new kind of video. This drone is not the first of its kind, nor will it be the last, however it is generally the current best option for the public in drone-filming.
  2. The drone itself is very portable, weighting only 1.3 kilos (the average weight of a laptop) and being roughly 26 cm long.
  3. The drone can be used basically anywhere, since it’s build to withstand somewhat strong winds; is completely waterproof and dust proof, including flying sand if you are in the desert for whatever; and they are planning on implementing a feature which allows LILY to dodge obstacles, for example trees if you are skiing in a forest.
  4. Though the quality is not as good, the drone can still take slow-mo and still shots, just like the GoPro, and can still record sound.
  5. …the battery life on the tracker can last 4 hours…very useful to have that extra 3 hours 40 minutes of it being on, however useless because the drone needs to charge -.-

HOWEVER! Why not use both? Obviously it would cost mad money, but it would be the ultimate wombo-combo of awesome 1st and 3rd person filming. lily-6Although it would be pricey, it will most likely be used for more professional filmmakers.

As I mentioned at the beginning I would still buy the LILY despite all the major disadvantages, the main reason being because its AWESOME! Think of all the creative uses for that drone, not just for sporting things such as skiing or rafting, but you could literally have a third eye in the sky that records or snaps anything you want! Yeah it’s pricey, and since I don’t have the money, the time, or really the particular need for it right now, I won’t actually be buying it; however if two of the three listed reasons were not there, I don’t think I would really even consider passing on this.

Tech Specs: the video at the bottom showcases this information in a much more awesome way, but here’s a list of specs and such for the LILY drone:

  • Completely protects from dust and water up to 1 meter submersion
  • 12 megapixels still shots
  • Max flight height of 15 meters
  • Max distance from tracking device of 30 meters
  • Max speed 40 km/h
  • Video resolution: 1080p 60 fps / 720p 120 fps
  • 4GB memory space
  • LILY app:
    • Change camera settings
    • Create custom shots
    • Edit and share content
    • Available on iOS and Android
  • Tracking device 4 hours battery life
  • Drone 20 minutes battery life
  • Drone requires 2 hours of charge time
  • Tracking device comes with water proof wrist band

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