StuCo: And so it begins…

Hello La Chat, and welcome back from field week! Whether you were one of the lucky students who got to spend the week on a trip, or if you stayed put because of the IB, we hope that you had an enjoyable week and are ready to get started with lessons again!

First, an important update about the microwaves. We have found some microwaves that we’d like to buy, and are working with Novae Restauration, as well as the administration to make sure that we can purchase them. As we mentioned on the first day of school, you will see new/additional microwaves before the beginning of October. We appreciate your patience, but hope that you are looking forward to shorter microwave lines as much as we are!

Photo: Gizmodo
Photo: Gizmodo

Secondly, the committees this year will be up and running shortly, as we are currently interviewing Year 12 students for the positions of committee heads. This year, the committees will be Academics, Dance, Entertainment, Green, Music, Media-Tech, Sports Health & Wellness, and Security. We hope to finalize and announce the names of the committee heads within the next few weeks! If you are a student in Years 7-13 who wishes to become a member of one of these committees, we strongly encourage you to sign up once the sign-up sheet are put up.

In addition to this, all new students in Year 12 have the opportunity to run for New Student President, a sixth member of the Executive Student Council who will serve as the voice of all this year’s new students. Campaigning will begin later this week and elections will be taking place soon.

As you can see, these next few weeks are quite busy for us, as they are for you. Nevertheless, we hope you are looking forward to the challenges which lie ahead. There are many exciting events and opportunities coming your way in the next few weeks, so take advantage of them, work hard and have fun!

Enjoy yourselves this year La Chat and stay classy. See you around!

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