Owen Jones: on ISIS, Nuclear disarmament and Corbyn

This week the school hosted yet another of it’s many fantastic guest speakers. The speaker this time was Owen Jones, renowned author, columnist and political activist. Currently a columnist for The Guardian and having published two very successful books (Chavs: The demonisation of the working classes and The Establishment and How they Get Away with it). Even considering the fact his views are to the left of the political spectrum his speeches were interesting for all. The Update had the chance to interview him.


Jones also took the time while he was here to discuss with us the recent devastating attacks in Paris. He spoke about the West’s role in the issue. As well as this he spoke about national defense and the role of nuclear weapons in today’s world as well as Britain’s role in Europe.

Jones is a well known supporter of current Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and had many views on his past successes as well as his potential future. He gave the views of someone who, although they strongly support Corbyn were able to say what they really thought about his chances come election time.

Both of Jones’ books centre around ideas of class and wealth divides in the UK. He spoke to us about this with regards to the North-South divide as well as Britain’s current housing crisis.

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