Bal D’Hiver: This year’s first disco is a massive success

The first disco of the year, the Bal D’Hiver, occurred on Friday with many Year 7s and 8s attending. It was a great event with a red carpet, mocktails, cotton candy and incredible dance offs – including one between your President and Secretary, Hamza and AJ. See all the photos of the night below!

On behalf of everyone who made this event happen we would like to say a massive thank you to all the students who came to the Bal D’Hiver! We hope you all had fun!

This night wouldn’t have been possible without a great team of people!

Many thanks to:

  • Student Council (Hamza, Suditi, AJ)
  • Dance Committee (Mathilde, Cristina and Julia)
  • Media and Tech Committee (Joe C, Nathalie, Will, Finn)
  • DJ (Hong Min with help from Kip)
  • Security – shoutout for the awesome drinks (Joe W, Hannah, Leitizia, Sam, Devansh, Gustaf, Alex, Mia, Daniella, Humzah)
  • Business HL/Micro Tyco Students (Kip, Yasmin, Theis, Hyun-Jee, Emily)

For lost and found inquiries, please feel free to message the Dance Committee or the Student Council.

Click on the photos below to enlarge! Photos by Joe Cook.


  1. Thank you, StuCo and other (big!) helpers for organizing this wonderful event! I had so so much fun, and I bet that the others did as well! =)


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