Green Week!

Yes, the week you’ve all be waiting for is here…

It’s Green Week!!


I know, it’s probably one of the most exciting moment of your lives.

Wait, what is it?

Well, Green Week is a week devoted to all things sustainable, eco-friendly, and environmental. The aim is to promote awareness about topics ranging from zero-waste to indigenous peoples, and to do this we’ve got a great week lined up all ending with the Greenleaf Festival on Friday.

12.00-12.50 Primary Aula- Maori talk

Meatless lunch,
12.30-13.30 MMC Conference room- COP21 guest speaker and discussion (sign up through email)

8.30-9.30 Primary Aula- Adam Smith from The Real Junk Food Project
11.15- 12.00 Leman hall- Kate Cooke WWF

Palm Oil awareness day,

15.45- 18.00 GREENLEAF festival with loads of great acts and smoothies on sale

Hope you enjoy!


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