Sports Awards 2016!


Last night, we hosted the annual La Chat Sports Awards. We were joined by the former England cricket player, Gladstone Small. He played 17 Test Matches, with 263 runs, and played int two world cups. He helped tell us a little bit about being a professional athlete, and taking on the choice of doing something you love over something that may be the more normal option – he went for sports over school.

In addition to Gladstone, we also had an impressive performance by Tap Dance World Champion bronze-medal winner, Jessica Guenther. Her routine to the song ‘Tall Ground’ by Deluxe, was incredibly well timed and brilliant to watch.

There were plenty of athletes who won awards, and received commendations for all their hard work. It was a successful season for La Chat, for all the teams. We said goodbye to a lot of Year 13 athletes, and we’ll miss them dearly next year.

In particular, Michael Dullaghan, who won the overall Sportsmanship Award, and Charlotte Mondale and William Alabaster, who won the best athlete awards. Also, a shout out to our mysterious Mascot, who did a brilliant job helping present awards and led in the teams!

Well done to all the students, regardless of award winners or not, and we’ll see you next year!

The photos have now been taken down to save server space but you can still view and download them all here.

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