Rayane Jemaa: A New Film

If you’re looking for a definition of art, of beauty, and most simply, of life, La Chat grad, Rayane Jemaa, has one. His short film, A Different Perspective: Tunisia, is a dynamically haunting presentation of Tunisian life. It was shot in the old cities –in the Medinas– including Hammamet, Tunis, El Jem and Mahdia.

While he focuses on the locals’ point of view, this project has a personal layer for Jemaa. The film is dedicated to his grandmother, Nana, who has been losing her sight.  Her love for the old towns and the sea inspired Jemaa to bring his camera to them and “record what she would have loved to see.”

This film is just another Ecolint perk, another glimpse at another culture. If nothing else, it’s an energetic and cleverly produced three minutes with sweeping and unexpected transitions and some good music (Mad Rush by Philip Glass).

Jemaa will be starting at the Arts University Bournemouth this fall.

Watch it here!

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