Al Worden interview: Apollo 15 pilot on life orbiting the moon and why continued space exploration is essential

This week we had the chance to interview former US air force pilot and retired astronaut Al Worden, a remarkable man who has accomplished great things, including being one of only 24 people to have travelled to the moon and back. He was the first to perform a spacewalk in deep space and holds the world record for being the most isolated human being. Al worked as a member of the astronaut support crew for Apollo 9 and served as the backup commander module pilot for the Apollo 12 mission. In the interview he tells his story about the Apollo 15 mission, of which he was head commander module pilot, and his record breaking feats. He explains his journey to space and the living conditions he endured, as well as the extensive training he underwent to become an astronaut. He also discusses the future of space travel and why he feels it is still important that governments invest in spaceflight.

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