StuCo: What we have been doing this term

Hey Guys,

Congratulations on making it through the first half term!

As the colder weather approaches, we thought we would give you a short update on what we have been doing this past half term.

We have been hard at work selecting the new committee heads. You are now able to sign up to the committees by adding your email address onto the sign up sheets in front of the cafeteria. They will be organising many events, as explained in the video, and it would be fantastic if you would like to get involved in helping them. It is a good opportunity to try something new and enjoy yourself.

Our first Spirit Day, which raised awareness for Mental Health Day, was a huge success thanks to everyone’s participation, and we also had a fantastic evening at the Servette Hockey game, and were glad to see so many of you there, showing great school spirit!

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Last week students elected Ariane Walton as the New Student President, who will be representing the new arrivals at our school.

After your well-deserved break, we will hold our first meeting with all the year representatives, so if you have any suggestions or complaints, make sure to inform them so that they can pass the message on to us. We hope to try and improve any issues you may have, so do not hesitate to give your opinion!

As soon as we get back, there will be plenty of discos and spirit days coming your way, starting the Hollywood themed dance on November 9th. The successful entries for this year’s Fashion Show will be posted on the first week back, so make sure to look out for your name.  

Enjoy the break!

Your Student Council

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