Jon Snow: fake news, Corbyn and Trump

Jon Snow (of Channel 4, not Game of Thrones fame) is one of Britain’s most notable journalists, having graced screens across the world since 1983. Snow spent time as a young man as an volunteer in Uganda, and then working in a homeless shelter, before turning his hand towards journalism.  In 1980, Snow was named ‘Journalist of the Year’ for his reporting on the Middle East. He was previously the Washington correspondent for ITN, and has been the face of Channel 4 News since 1989.

Snow has been been involved in unveiling controversial stories throughout his career. His 2011 documentary, Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields, which explored alleged war crimes in the final weeks of the Sri Lankan Civil War, garnered numerous awards and awoke much of the international community to the scale and violence of the events. His trademark style of interview with high-profile politicians is interrogative, making for hard-hitting, and entertaining television.

Jon Snow is also known for his colourful collection of ties and socks. He tweets at @jonsnowC4.


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