WE day 2018

WE is a global movement that believes that change can be achieved through collaboration. Its aim is to push for positive social change in individual communities and around the world. The WE movement functions on the basis of 5 key beliefs:

  1. Me into WE: each individual is unique and special and when we all come together, the change and contributions we make are “powerful beyond measure.” What can be achieved when we come together is more than anything we could achieve alone.
  2. WE is everyone: anyone, anywhere can make a difference and each individual’s passion can help drive the collective effort of changing the world for the better.
  3. WE are the change: “if we don’t take action who will?” All our actions have the power to inspire others to do the same and incite a tidal wave of change.
  4. WE are a global community: the passion to create change connects us with everyone, no matter where in the world.
  5. I am WE: when we come together and help impact each other’s lives, the deeper purposes of our lives are fulfilled.

To meet this goal of making the world a better place, WE makes its impact through several different initiatives; WE living, WE family, WE schools, WE villages and WE day. Our school, being a WE school, earned its place at WE day in London that took place this year on March 7th. The event is a transformative experience, where young people from WE schools celebrate their efforts towards building a better world. To further empower this generation of change-makers, inspirational speakers share their stories of how they themselves urged for change. This year’s speakers list definitely did not fall short of icons that delivered moving and invigorating speeches. Especially with this year’s WE day preceding International Women’s day, the Wembley SSE arena oozed with ardor from all the amazing female speakers that demonstrated just how successful and strong we, especially women, could be.

Here were some of our main highlights of WE day:

  • Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie on women supporting each other, never giving up and self-empowerment. “No matter what obstacles are put in your way, remember, you can all do it.”


  • Lily Collins on harassment, bullying, the #metoo movement, creating positive spaces for stories to be shared and standing up for yourself and others. “It’s time to take our power back and be brave – if you want to speak up, speak up. Don’t ask yourselves ‘why now?’ Ask yourselves ‘why not now?'”


  • Margaret Trudeau on the global water crisis, saving water and providing clean water to underprivileged communities. “You have to respect that water isn’t infinite and we need to respect it and store it.” 

Image result for margaret trudeau we day london 2018

  • Connor Franta on embracing individuality and all of our unique differences. “Appreciate all of those differences; you never know where those differences can take you. And equally as important, you never know where your kindness can take somebody else.” Entrepreneur-New-York-Times-bestselling-author-Connor-Franta-inspires-12000-students-and-teachers-at-WE-Day-UK-at-the-SSE-Arena-Wembley-7-March-2018-Photo-Credit-Justin-Goff-WE-Day.jpg
  • Katie Piper on overcoming obstacles in life, self-worth and self-love. “I want you to work on being in love with the person in the mirror.”Katie+Piper+4QQJeh-bYJ3m.jpg

And the performances that we’re just as moving, thrilling and inspiring:

  • The Tenors and the Kenyan Boys Choir – Hallelujah
  • Prospects Dance Crew – Run the World (girls) tribute


  • Alexandra Burke – Shadow and Bad Boys


  • HRVY – Personal


Overall, the experience was truly pivotal and inspirational. The WE movement in itself is so refreshing; pushing the younger generation – the future – to create positive changes is essential to reaching the overarching goal of one day providing a better world for our successors. To find out more, or be part of this wider purpose, go to https://www.we.org.

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