The Update Needs You!

Image: Students signing up at The Update’s first meeting! Nina Hopley

At The Update, we are always looking for students to join the team. This could mean writing articles, taking photographs, or producing videos or podcasts – it’s up to you. We cover a wide variety of topics, and are happy for you to write about whatever you care about.

There are so many reasons to work on The Update! You can make your voice heard, and help to foster school spirit. You will learn a lot and improve your writing skills. Most importantly, you’ll have fun, and hopefully make some new friends.

We held our first meetings last week and were pleasantly surprised by the turnout. If you missed it, but are still interested, it isn’t too late! You can join The Update at any point in the school year by coming along to the next meeting.

We will be holding weekly meetings in the humanities department (ground floor of Lausanne building), at the following times:

  • Y7-9: 12:00 on Wednesdays
  • Y10-13: 12:50 on Fridays.

While we are looking for students to join the team and write regularly, this isn’t the only way you can get involved. If you have an idea for a one-off article or video, send us an email at, or drop by one of our meetings to talk to us about it. 

By Rebecca Aisling Lally

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