About Us

Welcome to The Update! This is the online newspaper written by the students of the International School of Geneva, La Châtaigneraie.

The Update was founded over the summer of 2015 by Joseph Cook, Parker Bryan, Ruhamah Weil and Joseph Watson, four members of the class of 2017.

Their goal for this project was to establish a space where students could publish their thoughts regularly and in time with the world’s events. They wished to give the kids at La Chat an opportunity to be a part of a journalistic team and to create a news outlet for the school that is relevant to the student body. They believed The Update was a solution to this as it would be written by peers who know how to communicate with their age group, who are aware of the school’s interests. They wanted the newspaper to be written by people who are on campus everyday allowing students to go home, read an article, then come to class the next day and debate and discuss the contents of the piece with the author themselves.

As diverse as Ecolint is, as exposing to other cultures as attending La Chat is, we acknowledge that our childhood here in Geneva, our education in this foundation, is confined to the inside of a bubble. The Update aims to challenge students. We will not post exclusively what makes our majority happy. We pride ourselves in our writers’ willingness to publish opinion pieces. These are clearly marked as ‘Comment’. We urge you to read these and to note the genre of the article. Whether you sit gleefully in accord with the author or steaming in disagreement, we hope we have made you think. We encourage our readers to send in rebuttals. As long as an opinion is clearly defined as just that: an opinion; as the idea is relevant and intelligently argued, we will not censor it. So, for at least some time, perhaps only the time it takes to skim an article or two, we wish to burst our bubble.

A copy of our code of conduct can be found here.

You can contact our admin team here.

Admins 2018-2019 (in front): Lorcan Rees, Jordan Poon, Rebecca Lally and Nina Hopley        Admins 2017-2018 (in back): Ali Shah, Laura Ferguson, Alice Woods and Damon De Cardoso

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