Daniella Swanepoel: ‘Nos Alive’ festival review

Spain’s charisma and love of party has, thankfully, worn off on its Portuguese neighbours. With this, Nos Alive was born and quickly made it’s name as one of europe’s greatest summer music festivals.

Located in beach side Lisbon (Portugal) it is extremely accessible, both physically and economically. For only 100 euros you can buy a full 3 day pass with the option of spending up to another 20 on a stylish bungalow in the Nos Alive Camp. This camp has transport to and from the festival at all times of the night, pools, barbecue pits and enough food to ensure you never have to leave.

Photo courtesy of : Tayla Kirk
Photo courtesy of: Tayla Kirk

Unlike our local Paleo and Caribana, Nos Alive is lucky enough to have multiple famous acts perform each night , the only downside is it’s impossible see them all! Choose wisely. The atmosphere is vibrant for all acts, Portuguese spirit shines through as the entire crowd will sing every word alongside the performers, the audience even croons together to common advertisements.

This year I was fortunate enough to see some of the most highly reviewed performers for live music, including the Wombats, Kodaline and Muse and they did not disappoint. All three sounded excellent and had incredible stage presence, getting the to audience participate as much as possible. One boy was even called onto the stage to translate Matthew Murphy’s (lead vocalist from the Wombats) closing sentence about his last visit to the festival; about a man getting arrested for standing naked on someone’s shoulders getting the attention of the live TV crew.

Muse on the main stage! Photo: ©Arlindo Camacho NOS ALIVE
Muse on the main stage! Photo: ©Arlindo Camacho NOS ALIVE

Even acts who I expected not to be as good live shined. Folk band Mumford and Sons turned out to be the highlight festival for me, as Marcus Mumford threw himself into the crowd resulting in a 3 minute solo from the banjo player whilst security attempted to rescue Marcus from the tight grasp of screaming fans.

Although it is a music festival, Nos Alive caters to the social butterflies among us. Filled with variety of food stands, bars and even an entire building dedicated to group karaoke (which can be broadcasted to the whole festival on demand).

So whether you are a fangirl, virtuoso or a party animal, Nos Alive will fulfil your every wish. It is an unforgettable experience which can not be matched, a definite must.

Find more about the festival here.

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