The Update’s Live Acoustic Session: Imogen Dolan Parry

Today on The Update’s first Live Acoustic Session we have Imogen Dolan Parry (a.k.a Immy DP) with not only a beautiful cover of Norah Jones’ Come Away With Me, but also an original track from her second album (Amorea Mortuus Sum) called Genevieve.

This original composition is about a lack of control in a relationship and its inevitable end. It is about “the tenderness that turns into rage … after someone valuable leaves you”, tells us Immy. A song for the leavers and for the left.

If you wish to hear more of Immy’s music, click here.

We would love for this to become a monthly/bimonthly event, so if you’re interested in becoming the next performer for The Update make sure to contact any member of the heads of the Music Committe linked below for more details.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

This live session was possible thanks to Joe Cook who filmed the whole thing (seriously, he had like five cameras), William Robinson (sound engineer) and organized and set up with help of the Music Committee.

Heads of the Music Committee 2015-2016:

  • Antonio Perez –
  • Nikita Artamonov –
  • Scott Quincey –

    Photo: Antonio Pérez
    Photo: Antonio Pérez

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