8 Simple Life Hacks

Do you want to make your life easier?  Follow these simple life hacks, and solve your daily issues!


Holding your breath and swallowing 3 times with your mouth closed should easily solve your problem.

Photo from lifehacks.org

Make an essay longer?

Hit control F, and search for any full stops (.). Now increase the font size of the full stops by a few sizes. They look exactly the same, but will make your paper significantly longer.

Photo from dementiaillawarra.com

A faster elevator ride?

Simply hold the close button just after getting on, and then tap the floor number of your destination. You must keep both buttons pushed throughout the journey, and you’ll never stop at another floor again!

Photo from alltypeselevators.com

Feeling nervous?

Chew gum! Your brain will reason that you’re not in danger because you wouldn’t be eating if you were.

Photo from gifs.org

Faster way to charge your phone?

Use an iPad charger, as it’s way more powerful. Be sure to put airplane mode on for even faster charging!

Photo from canterbury.su

Make your phone speaker louder!

If you don’t want to spend hundreds of francs on a speaker, you might as well try a cup out! Placing your phone inside the cup will amplify the sound surprisingly well!

Photo from rumorscity.com

Avoid bad breath!

When brushing your teeth, be sure to thoroughly brush your tongue as well, as most germs which make your mouth smell bad are located there.

Photo from michaelsdental.com

Alternative to energy drinks?

Try chocolate milk. It is more efficient at giving you energy than most energy drinks

Photo from tiflis.vn

Enjoy the hacks 🙂

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