Maya Youssef: Professional Syrian kanun player speaks and performs for The Update

As a part of the school’s Refugee Week and Guest Speakers program, Syrian kanun player, composer and educator, Maya Youssef was invited to La Châtaigneraie. Maya has had a successful career in music. She has won various youth awards and was acknowledged as an “exceptional talent” by the Arts Council of England. During her interview with The Update, Maya discussed her musical career, gender stereotypes and issues regarding Syria.

Nowadays, aside from her musicianship, Maya plays an active role in helping young Syrian refugees affected by the ongoing conflicts. She is currently pursuing a PhD entitled “A practical Intervention: An Improved Musical Approach to Working with Syrian Children at the Refugee Camps.” Through her love for music, mastery of the kanun and her determination to help, Maya is able to inspire and bring joy to those in need. Watch the interview to find out more!

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