The Week in a Poem: ‘War in Syria’

By Reema, who has fled to Lebanon from Syria


When I take my pencil and notebook,
What shall I write about?

Shall I write about my school,
my house or my land of which I was deprived?

My school, when will I visit you again
take my bag and run to you?


My school is no longer there
Now, destruction is everywhere
No more students
No more ringing bells
My school has turned into stones scattered here and there

Shall I write about my house that I no longer see
where I can no longer be,
Shall I write about flowers which now smell destruction?

Syria, my beloved country
Will I ever return back to you?
I had so many dreams
None of them will come true
All I want is to live in my country in freedom
Syria, my beloved country, I love you.


Additional explanation has been added.

During this week, Germany’s parliament voted to send military support to the US-led coalition fighting Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria. The vote comes after a French request following last month’s Paris attacks. Britain has also decided to support the coalition through bombing.

What would Reema think of this? After the war in Syria, and after when the coalition has stopped IS, who can help Syria become the same country as before, when Reema could go to her school and live in her own beloved country? Does she have to live in ‘her house’ in Lebanon, that is so demolished to say that it is a ‘house’? Who can help, and how?


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