Just Year 7 things…

1. Before a disco:



2. When boys text girls about random stuff:



3. When Year 7’s think they are really cool and the plastics from Mean Girls:


4. When Year 7’s think its really rebellious to chew gum in class, really loudly with their wide mouths open:


5. When unorganized boys text organized girls about homework:

phone pic for article

6. Running to the cafeteria like they haven’t eaten in a week:


7. Walking around pulling suitcases:


8. When Year 7’s complain they have too much homework:


9. When Year 7’s post at least 10 (strange) pictures on Instagram:


10. When girls fight over boys they have the same crush on:


11. When Year 7’s get bored in class, paint their nails with tippex and pretend its a new trend:

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