Seven struggles of Year 7

Most of us reminisce over our first year of Secondary as being a breeze, a joy and a time for cringing later on. We do however, in older years, forget to consider the issues we faced back in the day. Here are some of the struggles anyone can or could have related to in Year 7.

  1. The switch in hierarchy


In Year 6 you are royalty of primary, however in year seven you have dropped to the first timers of secondary. It can also be quite scary to be the youngest and most vulnerable. Don’t worry, all will improve, but now just stick it out and accept you are the youngest in the pack because let’s be real, it’s the truth.

  1. RAP sessions


RAP (resourceful adolescent programme), the painful preach on privacy and positivity. Eughhh! Whilst these are helpful tips that everyone should pay attention to, no one wants to be lectured on how to be a happy adolescent.  As we all know, that’s just not our role.

3. Squadless classes


In Primary each class had the same people for every lesson. In Secondary however, that is not the case and you can end up either alone or trying to fit into another group. Top tip for this situation, MAKE NEW FRIENDS and remember EVERYONE has been there.  Year 7 is the perfect time to find new buddies, so use this to your advantage.

  1. Disco drama


Who here remembers the stress of making sure you could attend all discos, the dress you were going to wear and if your crush was finally going to ask for a dance? Even though most will be too self conscious to admit it, we all lived for the discos at one point or another.  

  1. The division of genders 


From Year6 to Year 7 everyone seems to have this vision that the two genders will magically merge as they mature. It is no shock then that when the reality hits, that this is not the case for all; it can be quite disappointing. Yet again the divide is liked by some. As  I was so beautifully reminded by a couple seventh graders, “boys are obnoxious” and  “girls are too complicated.” 

  1. The “you’re in secondary now, so act like it” card


Teachers always seem to play some sort of “you should be more mature” card in an effort to control the class.  Unfortunately in year seven it is particularly noticeable as they want to start grooming you for the rest of secondary. Get used to it, because it continues no matter your age.

  1. Side comments (hurtful language)


Finally, I think we all forget that our huffs and side comments are not missed. In fact they can be embarrassing and sometimes hurtful. However, it needs to serve as a reminder for all Year 7’s that even though you are small and can fit through any space, please don’t use this as an excuse to go rampaging down the corridors as no one appreciates it.

Remember, one day you too will be ruminating on Year 7 behaviour from your lofty Senior Year perspective.

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