Black and White disco: The India Team’s second disco

The Black and White disco, hosted by the India Team occurred on Friday the 26th of February. With over 70 year 7s and 8s attending the atmosphere was incredible, most conforming to our ‘Black and White’ theme, which really gave off a sense of unity and a somewhat ‘retro’ feel. It was the India Teams second, and final disco of the year, we hope everyone who intended enjoyed their night.

The India Team has many people to thank for making this night plausible, especially everyone who attended this disco and made this event possible. We also have to thank our many volunteers and everyone who helped to put the event together.

This wonderful event wouldn’t have been possible without an incredible team of people!

Many thanks to:

  • India Team  (Ali, Sophie, Alice, Stephanie, Sam, Henry, Hakoon, Alexa, Agostina, Issy, Jess, Hannah, Anna)
  • Volunteers (Izi, Adam G, Gully, Cressida, Alicia, Marilyn, Guilia, Lucas, Francois)
  • Sound & Tech (Will R)
  • Photo booth (Ali, Sam, etc…)
  • DJ (Hong Min, Kip)

Click on the photos below to enlarge!



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