StuCo Election: Interviews!

Hello La Chat,

Once again, it is time to elect new members onto the Executive Student Council (StuCo). This year’s election process marks one of the many “firsts” to take place this school-year. For the first time, candidates running for StuCo were interviewed in order to give you a better idea of who is running and what they stand for.

Furthermore, this year, for the first time ever, candidates will deliver their speeches three times: once for Years 7-8 during period 1, Years 9-10 during period 2, and Years 11-12 during period 3. This set-up will allow the administration and the current StuCo to expedite the announcement of the results and the vital transition process. As in previous years, students will vote for two presidents, one treasurer and one secretary. However, as there is only one male student running for president this year, there does not need to be one president of either gender.

Once all of the candidates’ speeches have been delivered in a given session you will go back to normal classes and be given 10 minutes to vote for the candidates you believe will best represent the student body.

Enjoy the interviews and vote wisely!

You can also vote below for the issue you think is the most important this election, or suggest others if you have other ideas in mind.

English Language President

French Language President




Filmed and Edited by Ali Shah
Questions by Joe Cook and AJ Tomas
Sound by Joe Cook
With help from Ruhamah Weil

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