Senior Sports Day 2016

Senior Sports Day, although a little rained on, was a success! Despite a few absences, the teams were able to play full matches and compete at an intense level. The day started off with pool play for the four team sports – basketball, dodgeball, football and unihockey – before doing separate challenges and finishing the day with play offs as well as the tug of war.

The winners for each sport were:

Basketball: Team Orange

Dodgeball: Team No-Bib

Football: Team France

Unihock: Team Lannister

The overall winner of sports day, however, was Team Belgium from the football teams. Well done to all the teams, despite the weather!

Shout out to Tim Owen and Dom Borghino for helping with music, as well as StuCo for helping with organisation.

Photos: Ali Shah, Nathalie Bourget, Nikita Mehrotra and Mr Ramasar



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