Tim Jarvis: explorer, environmental scientist and WWF Global Ambassador

On September the 30th we were lucky enough to have a world renowned environmental scientist, Global Ambassador for the WWF-Australia, founder of 25zero, polar explorer, filmmaker and author, Tim Jarvis. In 2013, Tim led an exhibition that recreated the world’s greatest journey of survival: Sir Ernest Shackleton’s journey across the Southern Ocean. During the journey he witnessed incredible glacial retreat and melting, comparing what he saw to photographs that were taken by Shackleton’s team 100 years prior. This significant reduction in the ice inspired Tim to embark on a new project called 25zero.

There are 25 mountains at zero latitude (on the equator) that are expected to have zero ice remaining in the next 25 years (hence 25zero). Tim led a team that climbed three of these mountains during the three days of COP21. Live videos and images on the rapidly disappearing glaciers were streamed directly to the conference in Paris. The main goal was to have the members of COP21 to reach a meaningful climate change agreement, drawing attention to the urgent nature of the subject.

We spoke to him about his work and what needs to change to help stop climate change before it is too late.


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