Week in Pictures: November 14th to 20th

Protests in Rio, Obama in Berlin, the bird flu and more…

12 Photos


1. Brazilian police using pepper spray during protests in front of a building in which meetings concerning the state’s delay in paying workers were being held.

Photo: Yasuyoshi Chiba AFP/Getty Images


2. A boy asking for food in an area of Iraq previously controlled by the IS. Upon arrival, Iraqi forces discovered that archeological ruins a few kilometers away had been destroyed by the Islamic State.

Photo: Felipe Dana AP


3. Over 5200 illegal weapons being burned in Ngong, Kenya. These had been collected over the past nine years.

Photo: Ben Curtis AP


4. The moon in the background of a streetlamp in Marseille. It was at its closest to the Earth since 1948.

Photo: Claude Paris AP


5. US President Barack Obama visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Hotel Adlon, Berlin.

Photo: BPA/Reuters


6. American border agent patrolling the US-Mexico border at the Imperial Sand Dunes, California.

Photo: John Moore Getty Images


7. Laying hens in the Daillens, 15 km north of Lausanne. Protective measures are being introduced after bird flu has reappeared around Lake Geneva.

Photo: Laurent Gillieron EPA


8. Protests in Los Angeles as president-elect Donald Trump appoints Stephen Bannon as his chief strategist.

Photo: David McNew AFP/Getty Images


9. NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson preparing her gear for her third mission to the International Space Station. She is now the oldest woman ever to have been in space.

Photo: Kirill Kudryabtsev AFP/Getty Images


10. Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s elephant’s tusk being restored in Rome after vandals broke its tip last week.

Photo: Paolo Santalucia AP


11. Rescue workers looking for survivors at the scene of a train derailment that caused the death of over 100 people near Kanpur, India.

Photo: Jitendra Prakash Reuters


12. Founder of Wikileaks Julien Assange’s cat looking outside the window of the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where his owner is being prosecuted for rape allegations.

Photo: Matt Dunham AP

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