Vince Cable on Tim Farron, Brexit and Tuition Fees

Vince Cable is a British Politician who is the current leader of the Liberal Democrat Party. Prior to this posting, Cable had been Secretary for State Business, Innovation and Skills during the Hung Parliament. After stepping back from politics in 2015, Cable returned to the game in April, becoming party leader in July.

Cable studied economics at Cambridge and Glasgow, before becoming economic advisor to the government of Kenya. After this he was appointed Commonwealth Secretary General, then went on to lecture economics at Glasgow. He spent three years as the chief economist for Shell prior to his entry to politics through the Labour Party in Glasgow. In 1982, Cable joined the Social Democratic Party. This party merged with the Liberal Party to form the Liberal Democrats.

The Liberal Democrats [Lib Dems] are the centre, to centre left, party in Britain and are often referred to as the Third Party of UK politics. Having not been in power since the First World War, the Party seems unlikely to ever gain full power and had their reputation tarnished by the coalition with the Conservatives, under David Cameron and Nick Clegg. The party stands for the EU, putting money into the NHS, boosting education spending and legalising Cannabis.

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