Comment: A Lens on Feminism

The social movement Feminism has been under a tremendous amount of scrutiny in the recent years.  Radicalised by media coverage, politics and false representation, the general public have garnered a negative and prejudiced view on the movement.  

Feminism is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.”  The movement encompasses a variety of issues: from reproductive rights and domestic violence, to sexual violence and equal pay; the focus varies depending on the culture.  This definition has been widely twisted through the representation of ‘feminazis’, in a way that currently suppresses the true significance of real Feminism in this era.  With media coverage at marches and demonstrations, you will often find feminists displayed as aggressive and as a threat to security, in a feeble way to discourage the movement from gaining any more momentum.

The Libertarian Catholic

One of the most alarming threats to the social movement is the enormous number of representatives in a position of power who completely disregard and fail to care about the issues Feminism raises.  Although many politicians have made misogynistic and inappropriate remarks towards women, there has been little consequence to their actions.  This behaviour is now becoming so normalised that the public consider it appropriate and surrender their minds to it, spreading the disease of sexism.  In Hollywood, the subject of female expression has been widely shushed by those from a position of power, which tends to be white males.  Regarding the current topic of Harvey Weinstein’s extensive sexual assault within the industry, victims have globally found the strength to express their own tales, but the majority only had the courage to when others did.  Similar cases have resulted in victim silence, as more often than not, victims are condemned for speaking out, with the male perpetrator usually facing little repercussion and regularly sympathised with.     

The main counter argument that challenges the growth of the movement is the survival of ‘feminazis’.  The sole portrayal of this group is what largely deceives the viewers, as they thus fabricate an opinion that all feminists are ‘feminazis’, due to the fact that feminists are rarely portrayed otherwise.  A large majority of the public has created this view that the aim of Feminism is to make women more powerful and superior to men.  Although this is far from the truth, the recurring demonisation of men chanted by the ‘feminazis’ has distorted the real definition and stitched it to Feminazism.  A concept lost on most is the idea that ‘feminazis’ are not feminists, and are not worthy to be in anyway related to it.    

Taken from an anti-Trump rally

In the 19th century, First Wave Feminism aimed to achieve political equality and suffrage.  Women continued to protest in Second Wave Feminism, with a goal of equality in the workplace and unity.  The social movement has strengthened in astonishing ways, with today’s era of Third Wave Feminism strongly fighting for race and culture.  The integrity of the movement has been threatened by the presence of ‘feminazis’, who tarnish the name with the demonisation of men.  It is thus essential, that individuals associate themselves with the movement, and bear the name proudly in the representation of its strong values.  A feminist.     

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