5 New Types of Technology That Could Change The World

There have been great leaps in the development of technology over the past decade, changing the way we live our lives. However, this is just the start, as technology will only improve further. In the future, our lives may be transformed into science-fiction films.

So what are the Top 5 Types of Technology that May Change the World?

  1. Virtual Reality


Virtual reality (VR) is the next-generation of gaming. VR provides its user with a unique 360° display, enabling them to jump into another world. Nevertheless, the uses of VR extend beyond gaming: watching films gives you the impression that you are in the film, Google Maps can enable users to experience various cities without the cost and even training surgeons can use VR when practising operations. With VR the possibilities are endless.

  1. Driverless Cars


Driverless cars will take-over in the future, despite controversy, as they have the capacity to improve lives. Nevertheless, I believe manually driven cars will remain in existence as many people have a passion for driving. Driverless cars would be useful for those find driving tiring and difficult when travelling long distances. Also, they would be helpful to people who are unable to drive. People can travel without stress. Just sitting back and relaxing while your car drives for you would make life so much easier

  1. 3D Printing


3D printing could dramatically change the manufacturing industry, and it is advancing quickly. The ability to manufacture goods domestically could reduce wasting of materials and the need for international outsourcing. In America, designers are trying to print cars, whilst in China and Holland, they are trying to print houses! In the medical field, scientists have already attempted to print skin, kidneys and a replica of a beating human heart (instead of people donating their organs to patients). It may seem impossible but, in the future, we may be able to manufacture anything we want by simply printing it.

  1. Wearable Technology


Wearable technology has the potential to be useful in the future. It has become very popular lately, especially with the development of smart watches. There are so many ways in which technology can be worn in our day-to-day lives. Smart-watches are already used to monitor fitness but may develop the ability to monitor serious health issues. Another use is payments; manufacturers have been developing readers that scan the user’s palms in order to complete payment. This could prove incredibly secure as everyone has their own unique hand vein pattern. Tracking lost children could be made easier by wearable technology. The best part about wearable is that you don’t have to carry it! 

  1. One device control


To be able to control nearly every electronic appliance with one device would be much less complicated. Most devices only function as a standalone being, which can sometimes be unhelpful. It would be too hard for different tech competitors to partner together to make devices that actually connect together. Fortunately, a new device called SmartThings is able to connect digital and non-digital devices together in your house. Just imagine controlling your lighting, heating, electricity and much more just from your smartphone! The possibilities are endless.

By Gemma Cook



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