Winnie Byanyima: Executive Director of Oxfam International

Winnie Byanyima is the Executive director for Oxfam International – a group of charitable organizations building towards the eradication of worldwide poverty. She studied Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Manchester, and graduated with a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering, specialising in Energy Conservation and the Environment from Cranfield University. She later served as an Ambassador to France before taking part in the Ugandan Parliament. Byanyima was the Director of Gender and Development United Nations Development Program and co-founded the Global Gender and Climate Alliance aspects of the Millennium Development Goals. She has been working with Oxfam since 2013.

An example of her recent hands-on work is in South Sudan and Northeast Nigeria. Last April she visited struggling women in Malakal. Meeting with representatives of civil society and Oxfam staff, and of course the displaced women. By giving voice to these women they can give a message to their leaders and convenience them to change their policies. Byanyima and Oxfam and trying to bring awareness of this country struck with conflict, a root reason for continuous poverty worldwide.

She advocates against the inequalities in poverty. Stressing that we need to stop it at the root causes: poor governance and leadership, this can be from CEOs of major corporations who disregard and exploit their workers at the bottom of their supply change, to leaders of a country who strip their people of their human rights. She continues to do impactful work as the face of Oxfam.

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