Shafiur Rahman: “Apartheid is operating there”

On the 29th of February, we had the honour of welcoming Shafiur Rahman: documentary film-maker extraordinaire. He is an graduate of Oxford, a member of the National Union of Journalists, and his work has won awards at international film festivals. London-based, he takes on a wide array of clients, as well as personal projects, revolving largely around issues of human rights, migration, poverty, and gender.

He shoots, directs and produces, and has done so in a range of contexts and countries: Italy, France, Malta, Libya, South Africa, Bangladesh, amongst others. Most recently, he spent time on the Myanmar-Bangladesh border, filming about the Rohingya massacre. The ongoing Rohingya crisis is what we discussed with him this day.

A film by Remo de Angelis, Liam Lund, Jordan Poon, and Ali Shah

With Rebecca Lally as Interviewer

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