Mathematics: A Subject to be Feared?

Mathematics is a subject often held at great contempt by many, who have had a multitude of bad experiences in the subject. Whether they be in the form of bad grades or a simple disdain for the subject, it is not uncommon for mathematics to be a subject that one dislikes.

However, mathematics is also often heralded as the language of the universe by scientists, as it can be used to describe all the manners of phenomena in ways conventional languages, such as English, simply cannot. In fact, it would not be incorrect to state that maths is the basis for all of the natural sciences. Mathematics makes the subject not only extremely beautiful but also highly intricate and complex (take as an example Mandelbrot Sets, which I invite you, to search up for yourself).

Also, much of the technology one uses on a daily basis is built upon a series of programs. Each of these programs is based on a highly complex form of logical mathematics called binary, which allows a series of transistors to essentially tell a computer what to do, creating the binary language. As such, one should at least appreciate the great degree of the impact mathematics (and computer science) has upon the way we live our lives.

Further, it is often not mathematics that one directly dislikes, but the fact that it is simply more difficult to understand for some people. They get overwhelmed quickly, and thus eventually stop trying to comprehend it all together, deciding it to be an altogether pointless subject that one will never use in life. However, even if one goes into a subject that one does not normally associate with maths, it will continually keep cropping up, whether when opening an account at a bank, or when doing simple calculations while shopping. Maths is simply inescapable; it is the very language of the cosmos.

Ultimately, it is normal for one to hold a relative hatred and fear for the subject, but it is important for one to also remember that it is, in a way, the very basis for everything one does on a daily basis. As such, I urge you, to challenge yourself to better your knowledge of the subject. Trust me, you will quickly find yourself exploring avenues you had even never thought of.


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