Odysseus Year 10 Play

Odysseus is a Greek tragedy discussing the main character, Odysseus, and how he makes it back to his home, Ithaca, after the war of Troy. The play was based on an ancient Greek poem, but was rewritten for our class. Odysseus was split into two parts: the first part discussing the war of Troy; the second part following his journey home.  These two sections were performed by separate classes, and we performed the tragedy three times: once on the 2nd of March, and twice on the 3rd of March.  Working on the performance almost since September, and even before we got our full scripts, we had been constantly developing skills for this unique show.  Our set was focused on the 11 tons of sand (!), but we also used wooden boxes that really helped us create different scenery such as a dining room, boat or island. The full cast almost reached 60 people, but without the amazing backstage help and the tech crew, the show would not have been possible.

Here are some highlights of the performance taken by Alice Woods:


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