Children for Children Walk at the UN

By Constantino De la Vega, Year 12

On Friday the 12th of October the annual children for children walk was held in the united nations; Year 4 students from many schools in Geneva including ours went to the united nations to raise money for 3rd world countries in which children have no food, education, or houses.

I was lucky enough to be one of the volunteers who took pictures and videos of the event to later on edit them to show their parents what great deed to the world their children had done.

In order to raise the money, children were asked to look for sponsors inside their families or neighbours that promised to give them a certain amount of money for each lap they walked. This had to be done before the walk, obviously.

To fairly count the laps each student walked, the children had to wear a paper around their necks with numbers, and each time they walked a full lap, teachers put a stamp next to each number. The average number of laps walked per child was around 7 or 8. Bear in mind that they had two whole hours to do the activity (from 10:00 to 12:00), and that finishing a lap meant that you had gone around the united nations’ main building.

This is the part that sometimes goes unnoticed. It wasn’t only the children in 3rd world countries that benefited from this event, but our students. Because of this opportunity young students around Geneva have gained awareness of what tragedy goes around the world. They now know how good it feels to help someone in need, and I believe that many of those 910 students that took part in this activity have learnt a lesson for life, a lesson that taught them that helping others out is the best things one can do with their life.

A student hands in their sheet for stamping!

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