Current Affairs Club Launches Next Week

By Benji Matthes and Koby Kwakwa, Year 12

What is “Current Affairs Club”?

“Current Affairs club” is an informal group which aims to provide a space for students to discuss and debate issues of global significance which we would not be able to otherwise, due to a lack of any such existing spaces in our school.

Topics discussed during meetings will range from breaking stories (e.g Brett Kavanaugh, Harvey Weinstein, and the evolution of #MeToo) to the larger, controversial questions of abortion, gender-equality, euthanasia etc. covering themes of politics, economics, literature, law, science and philosophy. We would like the group to be as collaborative as possible and encourage attendees to put forward suggestions on topics they find interesting.

Why should you join?

As previously mentioned, the group makes it possible for students to express their opinions on global affairs, as opportunities to do so at school are few and far between.

Students interested in studying international relations, law, or politics at university should understand the importance of such a group in providing an opportunity to think critically about and voice your opinions on the world around you. The value of critical thinking skills is not exclusive to the subjects above but is beneficial to all and is esteemed both academically and professionally. An activity as such is advantageous to those interested in competitive universities and can be featured in applications, and those attending or planning to attend the Student League of Nations will also find public speaking and review of contemporary topics useful precursors to the event.

The group will be very casual. There are no official sign-ups, meaning attending is optional and there is no need to excuse any absences. You are not obliged to speak and you can bring your lunch in with you; the only commitment is 30 minutes a week and a small amount of background knowledge on the topic being discussed.

When and Where?

Meetings will be held every Monday from 13:00-30 in room LAU 1.08, beginning November 5th. Dates and times of meetings are (to a certain extent) flexible and may be changed subject to what works best for the largest number of people. Again, no sign up is required.

We hope to see you there!

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