PTA Grants: Bringing Your Idea into Reality!

By Rebecca Lemoult, Year 9

At first glance, the PTA’s grant process may seem difficult and intimidating. However, as someone who has successfully applied for a grant, I can tell you that it is quite a simple and enjoyable process. The PTA will be helpful with all of your questions that you may have, but I hope to answer as many questions as I can with the following article.

If you are applying a for a grant from the PTA, it means that you have a big plan involving the school that requires money. The PTA awards grants for projects they believe will benefit a wide number of students, and has nearly CHF 20,000 to distribute this year.

For example, last year’s Girl Rising presentation involved the school, as it required money to buy the DVD of the film and to order purple wristbands to be sold on International Women’s Day. But your grant can be for anything.

Now about the actual application. You can visit the new PTA website where there is a Google Form you can fill out with all the information you need to get across to the PTA. After that, the process is really very simple: you wait for the PTA to make their decision, which they will inform you of via email. It usually doesn’t take very long for the decision to be made. If they say yes, then it’s time to get your plan to work.

So in all, the grant process is very simple and easy to work with. I hope that many people will submit grants for their ideas this year!

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