Current Affairs Club Gets Underway

By Rebecca Lally 

This Monday lunchtime an empty geography classroom filled with students for the first Current Affairs Club meeting of the school year. Benjamin Matthes and Koby Kwakwa, running the club this year, hope it will serve as a space for students with interest in politics, international relations, and current affairs to discuss and debate a variety of issues, feeling other opportunities at school are few and far between.

The first meeting, days after the election of Bolsonaro in Brazil, centred around the rise of the far-right, and what is causing these politics to increase in popularity around the world. Debate was as lively as it could have been with the club’s as-of-yet small membership – hopefully more students will get involved as the year progresses

The club is very informal, with no official signups and attendance optional. It is not too late to join – students with any interest should come to a meeting Monday P6 in room LAU 1.08. As well as broadening your horizons, the group should also be a lot of fun!

Antoine Delarue expressing how we all feel about the rise of the far right!
Nina Deep in Thought
Nina Hopley thinking important thoughts!

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