The Week in Review: November 5th to 11th

By James Clark, Year 12

Monday 5th November


A 94-year-old former SS guard has been charged with being accessory to hundreds of murders of prisoners during Nazi’s final solution. In a court hearing on Monday, he wept when testimonies of Holocaust survivors was read out by lawyers. If found guilty he will serve up to 15 years in prison.

Terrorism in France

Six far-right people were detained in connection to a violent plot against President Macron. A “criminal terrorist association” has been launched.

Tuesday 6th November

US Midterm Elections

The United States votes in the midterm elections. Democrats take back the house of representatives, rebalancing power in US politics, allowing them to block Trump’s policies if they wish. However, Republicans gained seats in the Senate, with a projected increase of two seats. A recount of the Senate and Governor races of Florida has been triggered. Republican Rick Scott leads by only 0.5% overBill Nelson in the Senate race, and Republican Andrew Gillum is only 33,6000 votes ahead of Ron DeSaints in the race for Governorship.

Wednesday 7th November

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 20.37.18
People comfort each other after shooting at Thousand Oaks

Shooting in Thousand Oaks, California

A former US Marine combat veteran, Ian David long, opened fire at a nightclub in Thousand Oaks, California. Thirteen people killed, including a sheriff. One of the victims, Telemachus Orfanos, survived La Vegas mass shooting in 2017. His mother, Susan Orfanos, told media she wants “Gun control, no more guns” in response to son’s murder.

Freedom of Press

Trump revokes Jim Acosta, CNN reporter, credentials, after questioning the President’s language when calling illegal attempts of immigration “an invasion”. Sarah Sanders, White House Press Secretary, tweeted doctored, sped up video, showing Acosta as rude and physically abusive towards intern, which was later proven to be false.

Acquittal for Blasphemy in Pakistan 

Asia Bibi, who was sentenced to death by hanging 2010 for blasphemy, was released from prison after she was acquitted by Supreme Court of Pakistan in October. However, she is not permitted to leave the country until the verdict is reviewed – a process that can take many years. The UK will not offer her asylum, due to ongoing security concerns

Thursday 8th November

California Wildfires continue to spread

California Wildfires continue to blaze, with Santa Ana winds bringing dry winds into southern California. So far 25 are dead, a quarter of a million have been forced to flee. US President Trump has caused controversy, blaming poor forestry management for the cause of the fires, some have caused this insensitive.

Google Walkout

 Google announced it will change sexual harassment policies, after global walkout of employees last week. Google, along with other cooperation giants, has been criticised for forcing employees to settle claims privately, with sometimes little punishment to male arbitrators.

Friday 9th November

Car set on fire in Melbourne Terrorist Attack

Hassan Khalif Shire Ali kills one, injures two in a stabbing and car fire, in Melbourne. The 31-year-old attacker was shot and taken into custody, he is now dead. Gas cylinders were intended to explode in car fire – they did not. ISIS has since claimed responsibility.

Transport Minister Jo Johnson Resigns over Brexit

Transport minister Jo Johnson, brother of Boris Johnson, resigns from cabinet, in protest of the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal. He claims it will weaken Britain further, compared to what they currently have in the EU, claiming that promises prior to the referendum will not be delivered and that Britain must have a second referendum.

Saturday 10th November

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 20.38.48
Flash floods sweep their way through Jordan

Flash Floods destroy Jordan’s capital city Petra

Flash floods have killed 12 this week, more than 4,000 tourists have been forced to evacuate from Petra. This is a continuation of the long series of flash floods Jordan has suffered. Two weeks ago, 18 people, mostly children, were killed after flood water swept a school bus into the dead sea.


US stops aerial refueling in the Saudi-led coalition, in a war that has killed 100,000 people. US has long been questioned for its role in this deadly conflict, some questioning US morality. The move comes at a time after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. Congress threatened to take action if refueling was not stopped. Secretary of Defence, James Mattis, has voiced his opinion to end the war soon. UN Yemen envoy, Martin Griffiths, is aiming to commence peace talks by the end of the year.

Sunday 11th November

WWI Centenary

Sunday marked the centenary since the armistice of World War I was signed, ending the war. 66 world leaders, including Trump, Macron and Merkel, gathered in Paris to commemorate war; France was at the heart and center of the conflict. In the United Kingdom; PM Theresa May and Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn laid wreaths, paying respects to soldiers. There were many more remembrance events around the world; this global conflict affected the whole world. It was the first war of its kind. Its destruction was unmatched in history. It ranks as the third deadliest war in global history, with 40 million people who died.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 20.35.08
World Leaders attend WWI centenary commemoration in Paris

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