Boréal: Geneva’s Cutest Coffee Shop

By Salomé Olivet, Year 12

Hidden among Geneva’s maze of coffee shops lies a similar, better version of Starbucks. Everything at Boréal coffee shop is delicious, the staff always welcomes you with a smile, the food and drinks are very instagrammable, and they try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Is there anything more you can ask for?

First of all, the basics: coffee. The coffee from Boréal coffee shop is simply like no other, organic and with a unique taste, it will take you by surprise. The first time I tasted it, it was from my mom’s cup. Back then, I did not care for a cup of coffee but the expression on her face told me I had to give it a try. So, I did. And let me tell you I was not disappointed. For the first time, I wanted my own cup! The coffee was nearly acidic but finished off slightly bitter… Words simply cannot do it justice — you’ll have to try it for yourself.

The interior of Boréal’s Stand location

Their chai latte is among the other drinks of which I have tried. I found out I was a fan of this drink during my week in Prague and when I came back, I set out on a mission to find a place that sold a good cup of chai. That place was the Boréal Coffee shop. A chai latte is hard to find in Geneva and so far, I have only found and tried one in Starbucks and one in Boréal. The Boréal chai latte cannot even be compared to the Starbucks one. It is on a whole other level. It is the best chai I have personally ever tasted.

A great dessert to drink is obviously a milkshake. Boréal coffee shop has some known under the name of ‘frappés’. I tried their ‘black and white’ Oreo frappé, topped with whipped cream, it is not something to miss. They seemed to have managed to somehow concentrate the taste of Oreos so much that the drink tastes more of Oreos than the Oreos themselves. Right now, they have a limited-edition milkshake: the ‘Canadian shake’. Go out and try it before it’s too late!

They have multiple other drinks to choose from including a classic cold or hot chocolate. Rich in chocolate, it is a tasty way to cool down in hot weather or warm up in cold weather. You can also order a matcha latte that I find delicious (though I am no expert), a fresh juice, or a tea.

In the food section, there are all types of goodies, some even gluten-free, vegan or both. The lemon bar is a vegan, raw and gluten-free treat that I have tried. The nutty-lemon bar, covered with coconut shavings has a wonderful mixture of unexpected, subtle flavors that balance each other out to make every calorie worth it. But while you’re staring at the glass window displaying them, don’t forget to look up where the cookie jars stand, holding crunchy discs of goodness.

The one thing I absolutely must mention is their muffins which lie among, the brownies, cakes, and cheesecakes (that I have yet to try). The raspberry & white choco muffin is simply succulent. So fluffy, so moist, so… let’s just say that my dad said it was the best muffin he has ever tasted (and yes, he has been to the USA, the land of muffins). I now plan on trying all the other muffins on the menu: very berry, blueberry & cream cheese and chocolate. Needless to say, I finished every last crumb.

All in all, I highly recommend that you go and visit Boréal coffee shop and support them. They try their best to deliver great products for you and the environment. They have in fact recently switched to bamboo straws to be more sustainable, and many of their products are organic. You can go grab a cup of organic coffee in 4 locations in Geneva (including a smaller location outside Cornavin on Rue de Mont Blanc, and their largest near the Stand tram stop).

You can check out their website, or follow them on Instagram @borealcoffee.


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