Come join the STEM Society!

By Jasmine Johns, Year 12


This society will be run by three year-twelve students who are passionate about science and hope to study medicine in the future. We have decided to set this club up to encourage discussions and debates about current scientific innovations, medical discoveries, and even ethical issues to encourage students to become more involved in the school community.  Though the three founders are all passionate about medicine, the STEM society will openly welcome other interests.

What is the STEM society?

The STEM society is a place where students can come to discuss the current scientific discoveries and advancements happening in our society where we will encourage participants to introduce topics which they would like to discuss.  We’d like to create a casual environment where you can bring your lunch and take part in interesting discussions. This will be especially beneficial for students thinking of applying to medicine in the fall. In addition, for those who attend regularly, the club presents as a great opportunity for CAS.

When and where?

The STEM society will take place every Tuesday lunch in the Alps conference room next to Mr. woods’ office (ALPS 1.27).

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