Black Tap Restaurant Review

Black Tap is a restaurant which specializes in burgers and milkshakes in Rive, Geneva. The Restaurant itself is very original with graffiti drawings on the walls and a diner feel to it. It is a good place to go with your friend for lunch or dinner, it is however always full so reserving is recommended. 

Service: The service is very good and the waiters are extremely friendly. We did have to wait quite a long time as the place is always full and there are few waiters but other than that it was really good. 

Menu: The menu is quite broad. There are options for everyone, vegetarian, vegan or not. There are many selections of burgers but not just that. There are many appetizers such as guacamole and chips, vegetables, mozzarella sticks and more. And there are other choices as a first course such as chicken wings and salads (for the healthier ones). 

Food: The food itself is very good. The burgers are highly tasty, the fries as well and the sauces that come with it are 100 times better than the school ones. The salads are big and filling and the vegetables are very well done. The portions are also the perfect size. Overall the food is quite delicious. 

Price: It is very expensive for burgers and fries. The simple burger is not that expensive but the really good ones are… I think it is overpriced. The milkshakes especially and depending on the one you take some are not very good. 

Overall Black Tap is a very good restaurant, the food is tasty, the ambiance is cool and modern, the service is friendly. It is quite expensive but if you go from time to time I recommend it, as there is no place like it in Geneva. 

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