“The Rain”- Creative Writing Piece

You stand alone, surrounded by the remnants of a city whose name is lost to memory – the vestige of a nation long gone.  It had once been a proud beacon of civilization; now it lies abandoned, a mere shadow of its former self. This is a world without future; with no place for dreams and hope.  

Your heart aches with the knowledge that everyone you ever knew is dead.  Why are you still here? What will become of you? Shaking, you shut your eyes and remember that fateful day, the day the world came crashing down…  

Her screams pierce your mind like daggers.

You know she’s dead.  You were there when it happened.  Yet her screams are so… lucid. Hauntingly lucid. 

The screaming’s getting louder now, more frantic.

Screams of pain. Screams of help.  

She’s calling your name.  

Louder.  Unbearably loud.

The plop of a droplet interrupts you from your thoughts.  Could it be rain? It hasn’t rained in years… Soon, more start to fall.  One of the droplets lands on your outstretched palm. On its surface, a beautiful scheme of colours shimmer brilliantly; scintillating under the full force of the scorching sun.

The strange, coloured rain picks up and begins to collect on the ground, vividly dyeing the barren earth.  Mesmerized, you cannot help but stare at the swirling spectacle of iridescent colours unfolding in front of your eyes. 

Crimson.  Purple. Dark Blue.  

The rain accumulates faster than ever now, but you barely notice.  Instead, you find yourself back at home, before things got bad. A familiar figure appears in front of you.

You gasp and fall to your knees, overcome with emotion. 

“I’m here.”  She says. Two words, but they’re all that’s needed to bring tears to your weary eyes.  You reach out, but her silhouette shatters as quickly as it appeared, along with the world around you.  All that’s left are the fierce plashing of the rain and the fading echoes of her soothing voice.

Exhausted,  You take in the surreal scene around you.

The land you once knew had been desolate, but now it looks beautiful.  Peaceful.

You let your tears flow, freeing years of suppressed emotions from the deepest chasms of your heart.  You’re crying for the first time in ages, yet it’s the first time you feel truly at peace. 

The beautiful rainfall is as depressing as it is calming, because like you, it means nothing now.  You’re the last one left, and with you, mankind will die. Nobody will ever see it.  

But that’s alright, because you’ve seen it, and it has made you grateful – for the things you’ve seen, for the people you’ve known – for the life you’ve lived.

Written by: Albert Zhu

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