Seeking Validation – A Series


The madness of teenage years. We’ve all come to this age where the world around us seems to unfold based on a whirlwind of emotions we encounter. We are constantly faced with new challenges and we are expected to balance the stress of academic life with our social lives. This is a prime time for self-esteem and confidence to be brought down. As students of La Chât, we want to be a source of comfort to let people know that there are others going through similar emotions, and spread positivity in this difficult time. Therefore we have created a series of articles for the students at La Chât about how we seek validation in different aspects of life.

Seeking validation means to find confirmation on your actions/words/work/anything that you want other’s confirmation on. We tend to seek validation in the form of compliments, especially at times when we are questioning ourselves.

Seeking validation is inevitable. How could we not? Our world is filled with unrealistic expectations acting as a soulless reminder of how happiness is portrayed nowadays. According to most social media, being a happy teenager means: obtaining perfect grades, experiencing an amazing high school romance, socialising regularly, having a balance of stunning looks and immaculate personality… the list goes on. We face pressures regularly in order to fit in, to fulfil expectations. We are taught to compete against each other for the things we want, whether it be to run a committee, get into a certain university or even date a certain someone. This can cause many issues that people are afraid to open up about, and that are not touched on. 

This series will tackle the controversies of :

  1. Body Image
  2. HighSchool Relationships
  3. Popularity & Reputation
  4. Academics

This series will consist of views and opinions on these topics, all the while giving advice and creating a common ground for students to know that other students are dealing with the same things. 

Stay tuned for the upcoming articles of this series!

– Anisa Nushi

1 Comment

  1. This is a very well written article but my I would have to disagree with the fact that society isn’t the one which imposes this ‘pressure’ which you do call and it’s actually us and also at the end of the day why are people complaining about what society thinks of them when ultimately people will judge you for a while and then won’t even care if your still alive.


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