Foodie Masters: Taste Motel Le Leman’s Pizza!

Hey there, welcome to our Food blog! We are the Foodie Masters: Madeleine Bresky, Antonia Molnar, and Amelie Dubois – three students from year 12 doing a CAS project. 

We have decided to review a few local restaurants you may not have heard of so you know what to expect and might even try them out! We have created criteria examining the 5 key aspects that you look for in a takeaway or delivery meal: presentation, service, food, price, and menu. The aim of our blog is to give you, the readers, insight about several hidden gems that you may not know about whilst hopefully giving you the chance to support local communities during these difficult times. We look forward to embarking on this food journey with you, and will be taking suggestions for any restaurants you may wish to try but haven’t yet had the opportunity to do so! 

For our first restaurant, we choose a local neighborhood restaurant in Commugny serving a range of Italian dishes: Motel le Léman. There is a large variety of authentic meals including their pizzas which are cooked in a wood-fire oven. Although in these times we cannot go to the actual restaurant, Motel le Léman has a very practical takeaway service in which we pick up the pizzas from a service window at the front of the restaurant. 

Amelie – “Since I live in Commugny, Motel le Léman has become a practical family-favorite and we have been going for years! I hope to introduce this restaurant not only to my friends but also any of you readers who may not have tried it out before!”

Madeleine – “For my meal, I choose to have my go-to pizza, the Spicy Salami. I was really impressed with the consistency of the dough, it was not too thick, which meant that it wasn’t extremely filling, but it wasn’t too thin so that it couldn’t support the weight of the cheese and the meat. Moreover, the whole pizza itself was cooked extremely well, there was just the right amount of charcoal taste that you look for in a pizza but it was not undercooked. As the pizza consisted of two basic toppings, like any other Salami pizza, I rated the pizza a 7.5 out of 10. There was one minor detail that I wasn’t really pleased with and that was the amount of oil.  I’m the type of eater that doesn’t like oily food, so in my opinion it knocked the grade down a few pegs but I certainly wouldn’t let it stop me from ordering it again.”

Antonia – “ I ordered one of my favorite pizzas: the Capricciosa, without the egg topping. The homemade dough topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, and mushrooms was packed with an abundance of flavor. In contrast, the crust remained thin – I appreciated this since it allowed the pizza to remain elegant without being too filling. I rated the pizza a 7 out of 10 due to the fact that one of the slices felt quite soggy and undercooked, perhaps due to the box in which it was transported. Since I was the only one that had this unfortunate problem, I would still give the restaurant another go and order their pizza again.”

Amelie – “I decided to go for a margherita pizza with a few onions on top. This may seem like an unusual combination but I actually really like it! What I really like about this pizza is that it has a good balance of cheese to tomato which I find quite uncommon among many pizzerias. It has a rather thin crust but is thankfully not crispy, and I found one pizza to be the perfect amount. I overall rate the pizza an 8 out of 10. It is delicious and a great practical family restaurant, although, it can tend to be a little floppy most likely due to the delivery. One comment I would have is that they tend not to cut the pizza and I therefore recommend explicitly asking for this when ordering.”

We had a great experience ordering pizzas from Motel Le Leman! Although the ‘presentation’ was quite hard to judge since we had takeout, pickup was efficient and members of staff were very welcoming despite the plexiglass! Aside from the fact that our pizzas weren’t cut, we were pleased with the variety of homemade goods on the menu, portion sizes, and, most importantly, the flavor of the pizzas. Overall a great Friday night pizza to accompany a family movie!

Route de Genève 11 – 1291 Commugny

+41 22 776 25 21

-Madeleine, Amelie, and Antonia

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Feel free to leave any suggestions for further reviews in the comments below!

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